passed APICS CSCP exam .. see how i did it!!!

a few weeks ago, i wrote about my studying progress of the APICS CSCP exam.

and today.. i am a muther truckin Certify Supply Chain Professionals. .. score 310 out of 330.

so.. just want to share with you my experience with this exam.. so hopefully… you can have a little more confidence walking into the exam.

.here we go

my studying

here’s what i used:

  • the 2007 version of the APICS CSCP learning kit (just the 4 books, the online access was not included), got this off ebay for $150
  • the so call 2500 Question CD from ebay as well, but this is the company (, got off ebay for $65

i prob spent about 100 hrs studying this crap…. i studied on the bus while going to and from work.. and .. just went nuts at it 2 weeks prior to the exam..

a week before the exam

i was so nervous.. everyone knew you got this exam coming up. .. .. expectations are high.. and while studying and reading shit over and over again…. i went online and read about people’s experience for their exam ..

basically.. the more you read other people’s crap.. the more nervous you get.. so don’t waste your time. read this article. it’s long, but it’s got all the things you need to know.

what you’ll end up finding are the following useless crap from other people’s experience:

  • different people recommend different study resources. (who knows if they are the book seller themselves)….
  • there are smart people out there that gives you a one sentence advice.. “don’t worry, the test is easy” <- well shit bud.. this isn’t helping
  • there are dumb people out there that tells you the test is super hard.. the study took super long… blah blah blah.. nothing but complains
  • you’ll find that some blogs just copy and paste craps off the official APICS site.. <- waste of time!!!!

2 days before the exam.. here are all the dumb things i did:

  • i contacted APICS, trying to reschedule the exam.  and guess what. i realized that a few months prior, i purposely schedule the exam on the last day of the January exam window, so i could’t chicken out @ the last minute.. YUP.. that was actually good…
  • i contacted APICS and trying to see how many questions i need to get right.. you know.. i never like their “rating scale” system where a score of 300 is a pass and it’s a mystery how they came up with the score. so. … here is APICS response… “”” well buddy….. i cant tell you the exam number.. but you should try to get 70% of the questions right. .. YUP.. that’s about 105 questions out of the 150 exam questions you need to get right!!! .. did that help?? i guess it did a bit…

during the exam

  • got to exam site half hr early.. paid like $10 for parking. didn’t expect -> phuckin greedy easypark
  • got in no problem.. one important note.. make sure the name you register with Pearson Vue is EXACTLY the same as the name on all your IDs…
  • went into the exam room and wrote the exam in 1 hr 40 mins. and went back to the “flagged” questions to review them one last time. i had like 6 questions flagged.
  • DONE. got my exam result report right away and passed with score of 310

after the exam

man………. it felt so phuckin good. .. felt so relieve… .. it felt so good that i hit the can immediately and dropped a log @ the test center, which turned out to be a triple flusher


so.. if you are taking the exam……….here’s what i recommend to get through this exam the fastest and cheapest way…

  • get a copy of the APICS cscp learning system BOOKS and the data chem (it’s cheaper to grab these items off ebay or amazon; they are cheaper than the official site; PLUS for the 4 APICS module books, any versions will do… i actually contacted APICS.. there’s not much change… the core of supply chain doesn’t change.). .. please don’t waste your $ on any other things like the cscp online learning stuff. or the flash card crap . YES it feels better to have those resources.. but why bother when you can take vitamin B100 to calm yourself down!!!
  • when studying..
    • focus on all the vocabularies..know your definitions.. one might tell you to go look at the APICS dictionary.. but hey. why bother if you all the definitions are in the learning module books
    • do read through each module word by word.. especially module 1 to 3. .. there are lot of things from the exam from those modules…
    • for module 4, do read through it.. but i must say that it is so badly written, you will die reading it.. (i am personally a web programmer and reading through that module 4 is like reading a book on medicine research written by a five year old kid.) <- yes that’s how bad it is.. so ..just blow through this modules, but know the definitions
  • when you are working through your exam, finding the right answer is one thing, but the most effective ways are to eliminate ALL the wrong answers first, then choose the right answer from there.. my experience is that.. the multiple choice question isn’t as bad as other people put it.. the right answer stands out very quickly
  • i find that writing the 4 modules by hand once is very effective.. (DON”T WRITE EVERYTHING), but do write all the definitions and the important key points.
  • a lot of the questions are application based questions.. so.. .. think of yourself as a Supply Chain Manager.. what would you do if you are given a problem to solve. what is the best solutions. . <- it’s not rocket science, there are a ton of examples from the book that talks about challenges in supply chain situation and the recommended solution for solving the problem. ALL the craps come from the book.!!!!


if you study like i suggested.. you will pass..


there might be things i left out… so if you are about to write the exam and need more info??? just ask… i will respond.
.. i was just like those of you who are trying to find all necessary resources to prepare for the exam… that feeling sucks.. and i want to help!!!!


121 thoughts on “passed APICS CSCP exam .. see how i did it!!!

  1. Thank you guys for this informative blog. I have one question,
    would 2013 materials be okay if I am planning to take the exam this Dec or March 2015??

  2. This great blog has been left inactive for the year so i am opening it up for comment for 2015.
    I am writing CSCP exam in june and gathering my materials and information. I am tempted to get a 2012 material on ebay but afraid that 3years could make a lot of difference.

  3. Hey fatphuc, I found that oldest versions of the learning systems books are not 5 but 4 books, right? more than that, they are separated in a different way, maybe to push you to purchase the last version of the system, because in essence the theory do not change.

  4. excellent piece of information. Best and the most interesting information. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, Thanks a lot once again, Regards, *Links are taken out here*

  5. thanks for the write up phatfuc. did you think the 2500 questions you bought from ebay were beneficial to your passing? I’m taking the exam in August and I’m currently debating whether to purchase them or not.

    Also, you mention module 4 and how poorly written it is, they since consolidated the CSCP Learning System into 3 modules. What was the subject matter of module 4, Technology?


    • I do think that the 2500 questions was useful from a content perspective. However, like I said in the article, the most important thing that I learned while doing the exercise is not to pick the correct answers, but to eliminate the wrong answers.

      You are correct, the subject for module 4 was technology.

      • thanks for the reply and sorry for the redundant questions. I just noticed there was a ‘previous comments’ tab that already hit on this question along with many others over the past few years. great blog and some of the best feedback I’ve seen regarding CSCP studies.

  6. Hey! Thanks for the blog. I wanted to know if you were already in the supply chain management industry and if you think that being in the industry is important to pass. I am a prospective MBA student and I hope to commence my MBA with specialization in supply chain management in September 2015. Do you think it will be beneficial to do CSCP before starting my MBA or will an MBA alone be more than sufficient?

    • hi Rahul, I am already in the supply chain management industry. From my perspective. I think that an MBA and the CSCP is geared toward two different paths. The CSCP will allow you to get into supply chain related jobs, but an MBA will take you further by giving you access to management jobs. I would think that it is beneficial for you to do your CSCP prior to your MBA.

  7. Hello
    I have just one question durring the exam if i answer a question and i forgot to delete the flag appearing in the top of the sreen so this answer will be taken in concederation or not.

    Thank you

    • From my knowledge, the flag is meant to flag questions that you like to ‘revisit’, and the flag allows you to easily identify those questions. If you have provided answers to the questions that you flagged, the answers should still be counted. Let us know how you did!!!

  8. Hi
    I have the exam on 12 th , guess its too late that i read this blog.
    I am not very confident as of now can you give soe last minute tips .
    I have tried my best to read the five books at once and and have jotted down key points of 2 books.

    • the best piece of advice is to just go for it. for me, i have purposely scheduled my exam for the last day of the exam windows just so I can’t make excuses about delaying writing the exam. from what I’ve heard so far, no one ever say they are ready… u never feel u are ready… … that feeling is normal.

      • Hi Ashish,
        You mentioned that you used 2007 material but when did you sit for your exams? I have 2013 material and will probably sit for my exam next year March,2016, and was not so sure if I should get the updated version or just go with 2013.

  9. Hello. i have not much practical experience in supply chain management. I am taking 1 year master course in Supply Chain Management . Will it be good to take CSCP certificate now for job application or it would be better after a few years of practical experiences?

  10. has anyone taken the 2015/2016 exam? – can one still get away studying the previous year’s stuff? and should once get the CPIM exam first and then do the CSCP exam? any info would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Where can i get used or old APICS study material ? i am looking for cheap study material ?
    Also if someone can please explain the practical benefits of acquiring this certifications?

  12. Can I use the 2015 material and datachem for the 2016 exam? I’ve heard they have made “big” changes to the 2016 manuals, but I’m not sure if that’s just to make more money.

    • I would suggest that you contact apics. this is what I did back in 2010 while deciding if I should be buying the old materials.

      I personally don’t think the content can change that much.

  13. Just passed my CSCP exam last week. I didn’t read anything, but kept taking the quizzes, pre-test, and practice exam until I could consistently score in the high 90’s. I maybe put 40-50 hours into it and feel like I was extremely lucky in passing due to not reading any of the Learning System books. Give yourself a few months at least – study close to every night. The morning of the exam make sure you eat a good breakfast. Good luck!

  14. I got CSCP certified last week. Scored 315. I don’t know where they frame their questions from, but they were nothing I had seen before. Had to use the elimination method to get down to the most plausible answer. And then try and remember the concepts in trying to figure out which of the remaining two is the right answer. I would highly recommend the learning system that APICS provides online. Not so much the classes they conduct using partners. I had both. The three day classes are good if it is attended by several students. But in my batch, there were just 3 others. It’s too much of information at a short time frame.
    To be successful, you have to make sure you read all the 5 books cover to cover. At least 3 or 4 times. Takes notes and highlight stuff as you read. Then take the questions at the end of each chapter and also the online learning material. If you choose the wrong answer, find out why the answer is wrong. This is very important. It’s not enough to just memorize the answer. Because trust me, no questions really appears the way it does in the books. You have to understand the related Supply Chain concept. As you go through the questions, there are questions that can be ruled out. These are questions you won’t get wrong at any time of the day, in any order. By eliminating questions that you’d never get wrong, you can concentrate on the more confusing questions. Remember to read up the relevant section of the topic, especially if the reasoning provided in the answer is not convincing.
    Don’t take the first slot available in the day. Take the second one. I took the first slot and was asked to come in half hour early. But no one was there at the center till about the time the exam was supposed to start.
    Secondly, don’t mark too many questions for review. It takes a while for each question to refresh. So mark only those questions that you really aren’t sure about. I had marked more than half the questions I had got and barely managed to finish on time.
    And as someone has already said, don’t expect a pay hike immediately, or simply because you are certified 🙂 If you can pass the exam, chances are you are already being paid at that X + rate 🙂

  15. I am aware that this topic is a bit old but i just passed my last module exam and would like to share my experience. Hopefully others will find it useful.
    Ok everyone mentions books and other APICS recommended materials – Arnold for BSCM and MPR. Jacobs for MPR, DSP & ECO. For SMR I used Creating and Executing Strategy book by Thompson. Of course thorough repetition of material with participants guide is key!
    When i was finished with all the materials about 3-4 weeks before the exam I started doing practice tests. In my opinion you should never go for the exam without doing several practice tests.
    As you may know some of the free tests are very often rather poor so I decided to go for the ones you need to pay for. There are some on the internet. I used several providers but would recommend checking out – their practice tests are similiar to the actual exam – they contain the same amount of questions which resemble the ones on the exam. The tests provide nice explanations to each question so you can immediately see why such and such is a correct answer. Also they direct you to source material where you can find more info on a given topic. I found it very helpful.
    So anyways to sum it up 🙂
    1. Go through material for a given module – recommended books, particpiants guide.
    2. Do practice tests and review your weak spots.
    3. Pass the exam! 🙂

    good luck guys!

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